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> A concern I've heard from multiple operators is around continued
> access to data centres. Some of the commercial operators are now
> imposing restrictions on access and these will probably be extended.
> That could have a severe impact on operations if staff cannot get
> onsite to access hardware when necessary.

This is a concern, yes.

While Sweden is Not Yet(TM) at the point of total lock-down of data
centres, the issue has been noted and the screws are being tightened.
Our National Board for Telecommunication Coordination* is trying to
maintain a dialogue with the Swedish regulator (PTS) about this. PTS has
been informed about the issue, but they don't _currently_ have tools to
mandate the data centre operators to do things. However, the legal
situation is in very high flux right now, so PTS will bring the issue to
the big mixer, and prepare to support us as far as they can, should the
situation become more critical.

I guess that is my recommendation to the rest of you: initiate a
dialogue with the local regulator, and try to make them understand that
this is important, and that the regulator may have to step in and assist
the ISP market in keeping the net running.


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* NTSG, a national crisis coordination group for the telecom sector, run
  by the regulator (PTS).
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