The latest COPR packages were deployed into production. This release is big
bringing lots of new features and bugfixes. Here is a list of the most
important new features that you can find in the new stack:

- improved modularity UI and support for modulemd 1.0.2 for building modules
- build timeout set to 18 hours
- fedora-rawhide chroots renamed to fedora-26 chroots
- auto-prune on/off admin option added to project
- generation of mock configs by using copr-cli
- modularization of template and static files into copr-frontend-fedora
- possibility to cancel running builds
- fedmsg autorebuilds of pagure Copr repos
- very basic support for building from dist-git (only Fedora dist-git
supported at the moment)
- show html code for build badge
- speeding up home-page
- and others...please, see the change logs if you are interested (e.g.

COPR team

P.S.: currently there is an issue with mock_scm importing taking a long
time. Also note that you should now build for fedora-26 chroots instead of
the rawhide ones. In case of any questions about the release or a
particular feature in the release, please ask. We will do our best to clear
it up.
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