I am sending these release notes also to fedora-devel list (and not just
copr-devel list as usually) because they contain information
about upcoming Fedora branching and what features COPR provides to move the
set of packages from your rawhide chroots into the newly branched ones.

We have just released copr-frontend-1.118. Mainly this release prepares for
the upcoming branching by adding two features:

  - Batch package rebuilding ("Rebuild all" button in Packages view) so
that you can rebuild all your packages in the new chroots.
    If you have build dependencies placed in you copr chroot as well, I
recommend linking the rawhide chroot first in "Repos"
    setting ("Edit" button next to the chroot name in project settings) or
in "External repositories" field to be found in your project settings.
    Otherwise you will probably need to click the "Rebuild all packages"
button a few times to get all the packages built successfully
    (alas manual mockchain). We plan to introduce automatic build ordering
(based on BuildRequires) to optimize this feature in the foreseeing future.

  - "Follow Fedora branching" project switch that (if enabled) makes COPR
fork your rawhide chroots into the newly branched ones
     and hence user will have your packages available in their f27 systems
and they will also be available for your upcoming builds
     (meaning you don't need to bootstrap anything from scratch). It might
take a few days after branching for this to actually take effect because
     the new chroots need to be enabled in COPR first (and they should also
be in mock for that as well so that building in them works).

You can enable the "Follow Fedora branching" option in project settings and
it will basically ensure that your rawhide builds will be copied
into the new fedora-27-* ones when they become available in COPR.

Also, we have added syntax highlighting in code blocks in project
description and instructions and we switched the used library for markdown
(now python-CommonMark, before python-markdown).

Thank you for using COPR
COPR team

Full copr-frontend changelog:
- fork all succeeded buildchroots in RawhideToRelease
- follow Fedora branching project's option added
- allow to modify copr chroots
- syntax highlight in project description and instructions
- fix 500 on /api/coprs/build/ for auto-rebuilds
- Bug 1409894 - COPR invalidly renders markdown
- basic rebuild all packages feature added

* https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2017-ab1891c41b
* https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2017-4239263360
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