On 2018-02-13 11:47, Pavel Raiskup wrote:
Sorry, I wanted to CC fedora devel before, forwarding.


On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 10:54:55 AM CET Pavel Raiskup wrote:
Because we are unable to find a consensus on implementation details, it's
likely we'll drop this feature from copr API and it will be probably a bit
more complicated to setup mock chroot for local tests in future (you'll
need to have builder machine with copr-rpmbuild installed, which brings a
lot more runtime dependencies at least).

 From user perspective, do you mind if we dropped `copr mock-config` command?

I didn't know this command existed, but there were multiple times in the past where I wished something like this had been available (It didn't exist back then). It was usually situation like this: "Hi, I'm trying to build $package in $copr and it fails because of $build_tool that you maintain, can you help me?". And since I had no idea how his copr was set up, it took me a lot of time before I was able to reproduce the problem. So, I would find the feature useful, especially in instances outside Fedora, which usually have more complex configurations. If it had to be dropped, I'd appreciate if copr could display the configuration of given project for non-owners. That way it would be easier to construct my own config, without trying to guess stuff based on the logs.

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