Thank you for the fast reply.

Having those external repositories should be a problem because:

epel, uses the repo 
"$releasever/$basearch"; and the other 
ones will fail.
works as expected

fedora-27-i386 --> has a nodejs repo, still fails and disables it. It should 
have used "$releasever/$basearch"; repo
does not work as expected. this is the particular case where the repo should 
have been downloaded but fails like it was offline

fedora-28 and rawhide --> does not have a repo, but hits on the fc/27/ repo

I can, indeed, configure repo for fedora epel 7 and fedora 26 and use fedora 
own's version of npm/nodejs for fedora 27 up to rawhide.
Nevertheless, I'm taking your suggestion and have two rpm specs for different 
Thank you.
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