Hi Peter the version you provided ran indefinitely(i put a 10 minute timeout) and the program got interrupted(no error), even if there were to be an error you cannot print the "string" of thread to console(these have been attempted earlier). - The test's running on interpreter mode, what i am watching for is one error with trace. Without fastdebug build and -XX:+TraceExceptions i am able to reproduce failure atleast 5 failures out of 1000 runs but with fastdebug+Trace no luck yet(already past few 1000 runs).


On 01/10/2014 02:57 AM, Peter Levart wrote:
On 01/10/2014 09:31 AM, Peter Levart wrote:
Since we suspect there's something wrong with exception handling in interpreter, I devised a hypothetical reproducer that tries to simulate ReferenceHandler in many aspects, but doesn't require to be a ReferenceHandler:


This is designed to run indefinitely and only terminate if/when thread dies. Could you run this program in the environment that causes the OOMEInReferenceHandler test to fail and see if it terminates?

I forgot to mention that in order for this long-running program to exhibit interpreter behaviour, it should be run with -Xint option. So I suggest:

-Xmx24M -XX:-UseTLAB -Xint

Regards, Peter

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