Hi Brian,

ok, I'll take a look at making the information available about the object being created and
from the stream easy to extend.

Thanks, Roger

On 9/16/2016 11:09 AM, Brian Goetz wrote:
Sorry for being late to this party.

I like the approach, but I have some concerns about the evolvability of this 
API.  The filter already receives a handful of parameters; it seems quite 
unlikely that a use case will not emerge where the filter needs more 
information in the future (say, the caller context, the caller class loader, 
etc.)  One strategy for evolution is, rather than pass a handful of parameters, 
pass an aggregate, where the aggregate has getters for the parameters.  Then 
more getters can be added in the future.  There are other strategies too - but 
I am concerned about being in a migration situation only a few years down the 
road, where there is information that the filter needs.

On Sep 8, 2016, at 12:09 PM, Roger Riggs <roger.ri...@oracle.com> wrote:

Please review updates to the Serialization filtering API and implementation:
  - The ObjectInputFilter pattern based filters support matching on module 
names as well as package and class names.
  - Rename of system property and java.security property for configurable 
filters.  (jdk.serialFilter)
  - ObjectInputFilter clarifications about the values passed to the filter
  - Javadoc editorial improvements
  - Clarification of SerializablePermission description of targets

  - More tests



Javadoc (subset)

Thanks, Roger

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