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Hi Paul, Alan,

I incorporated Paul's suggestions into new webrev:


This iteration also contains a nearly-exhaustive test of Class.getMethods(): PublicMethodsTest. It is actually a test generator. Given a Case template, it generates all variants of methods for each of the types in the case. Case1 contains 4 interface method variants ^ 3 interfaces * 4 class method variants ^ 3 classes = 4^6 = 4096 different sub-cases of which only 1379 compile. The results of those 1379 sub-cases are persisted in the Case1.results file. Running the test compares the persisted results with actual result of executing each sub-case. When running this test on plain JDK 9 (without patch), the test finds 218 sub-cases where results differ:


Looking at those differences gives the impression of the effects of the patch.
Overall I think this looks very good. I mostly focused on the PublicMethods implementation to satisfy myself that it does selects the most specific methods. In passing I wonder if "combine" or "merge" might be better than "consolidate" for method name and terminology, a minor point of course.

Given the behavior change then I think we'll need to capture it in a release notes. I can't think of any libraries or frameworks that might have see but something might come out of the woodwork and would be nice to be able to point to a summary.

I assume that copyright headers will be added before this is pushed. Also there is a @SuppressWarnings arguments that I don't recognize (IDE specific)? It would good to trim back some of the really long times in the test too (there are some >150 char lines that will be a pain to review side-by-side when there are future changes).


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