> On 17 Oct 2016, at 15:01, Stuart Marks <stuart.ma...@oracle.com> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I took a look at the jdk changes. They look good to me.
> One section of code gave me pause, which is the throw of ClassCastException 
> at 339 of CallSite.java, and the throw of the exception returned from 
> wrongTargetType() at 344 of CallSite.java. This appears odd given the 
> "rethrow any Error and wrap anything else in BSME" rule. But these throws are 
> caught by the catch of Throwable below, which does the wrap and throw of BSME.
> This arrangement was already present in the code.
> Usually I wrinkle my nose at a throw that's caught by a catch clause later 
> on, but in this case it's not obvious what would be better. Maybe a comment 
> is warranted?

In addition to the

  // See the "Linking Exceptions" section for the invokedynamic
  // instruction in JVMS 6.5.

I can add something like:

  // Throws a runtime exception defining the cause that is then later wrapped 
in BootstrapMethodError



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