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We have a Java Webstart application that uses CORBA and requires an old
version of the Visibroker ORB (5.2.1) that will not launch with Java 9 due
to its inclusion of a change originally added to 7u55 and later backed out:
        Bug ID: JDK-8042789 org.omg.CORBA.ORBSingletonClass loading no
longer uses context class loader

What approaches should we consider for our application to support Java 9 ?

The singleton ORB is the system-wide type code factory so having it be located via the TCCL is highly problematic (many reasons including security, memory leaks, and of course it's not going to work then there two or more applications/contexts in the same VM trying to do the same thing).

I assume your application can use the 2-arg ORB.init to create the ORB, in which case the implementation will be located via the TCCL (so you can bundle the ORB implementation with the application). From your mail then it sounds like the issue is that something in Visibroker is using the zero-arg ORB.init and so gets the JDK ORB as the singleton ORB. Does this lead to an interop issue or does Visibroker assuming the singleton ORB is its own type?


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