Thanks Lance!

I've re-created the webrev with the one-line change:
webrevs: <>

I'll use for the cleanup, will expand to cover the stream package, but leave the impl package for a later time.


On 11/30/16, 5:07 PM, Lance Andersen wrote:
Hi Joe

Looks OK.

I might suggest a separate issue for the cleanup and just have this bug address the bug fix

On Nov 30, 2016, at 4:21 PM, Joe Wang < <>> wrote:


Please review an one-line fix and a bunch of cleanups.

The reported issue was caused by a missed setting when the XMLStreamReader initializes the XML 1.1 scanner, so while the changeset involved 350 lines, the fix is really just the following:
@@ -605,11 +604,12 @@
+        fEntityScanner.registerListener(fScanner);

All other changes are cleanups, warnings. And BTW, warnings in the jaxp repo have come down from 5230 in 2015 to 3265, a result of a bit of cleanups here and there when we touch those classes. Still a long way to go, and it shows we may need to have a few dedicated patches.

webrevs: <>


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