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Hi all,

I'm not sure if core-libs is the right mailing list for jigsaw/modules
questions these days (rather than jigsaw-dev), so please feel free to
forward this there if it's the more appropriate list.

cc'ing  jigsaw-dev

I have the following code carried over from java 8 (actually much earlier
than that, but that's beside the point):
final Resource rb =

Resource bundle follows the same encapsulation rule as described in Module::getResourceAsStream [1] except that a resource bundle is considered as a resource regardless of its format.

ResourceBundle.getBundle(String baseName) finds the specified resource bundle from the caller's module.  It will first search the resource bundle local in the caller's module (via Module::getResourceAsStream) and then using the caller's class loader to search for the resource (via ClassLoader::getResourceAsStream).   Since the caller is unnamed module in your case, for it to access "sun.security.util.AuthResources", java.base/sun.security.util has to be open unconditionally and there is no CLI option to do that.

If you call ResourceBundle.getBundle("sun.security.util.AuthResources", Object.class.getModule()) specifying the module of the resource bundle, then you can break the encapsulation by `--add-opens java.base/sun.security.util=ALL-UNNAMED`

I'm a bit surprised that you depend on JDK internal resource bundle.  Can you help us understand why you use it?

[1] https://download.java.net/java/jdk10/docs/api/java/util/ResourceBundle.html#getBundle(java.lang.String,java.util.Locale,java.lang.Module)

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