mixing volatiles and non-volatiles fields that are read and written to outside of
synchronized makes me somewhat queasy...

Instead of a volatile boolean and a mutable userDir field, couldn't this just
as well be modelled as:

- keep userDir final (always the not normalized value of System.getProperty("user.dir")) - replace volatile boolean isUserDirNormal with volatile String normalizedUserDir
- then implement the DCL in getUserPath like:

String normalizedUserDir = this.normalizedUserDir;
if (normalizedUserDir == null) {
    synchronized(userDir) {
        if (normalizedUserDir == null) {
            normalizedUserDir = this.normalizedUserDir = normalize(userDir);
return normalizedUserDir;



On 2018-03-12 19:32, Brian Burkhalter wrote:

Lazily cache the value of the user.dir property on first access. This change is 
for Windows only as there does not appear to be any percentage in doing 
something similar on Unix.



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