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Would it be sufficient to export the InitializeEncoding entry point?

Introducing a JNU_xx name may imply a level of support that is unwarranted since it is part of system initialization and may change as needed by the implementation.
Simply exporting it would put it on par with Canonicalize.

Thanks, Roger

p.s. Tracking issue: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8201246

On 4/5/2018 5:49 AM, Andrew Leonard wrote:
Hi Roger,
The OpenJ9 VM implementation provides its own java.lang.System, which performs similar type early-on VM initialization to the OpenJDK core library classes. The basic reason for invoking the method is to initialize the platform encoding either called from a related core library method, eg.initProperties(), or from the VM in the early stages of initialization.

My suggested comparison with canonicalize was based on it's indicated usage:
 * Export the platform dependent path canonicalization so that
 * VM can find it when loading system classes.
 * This function is also used by the instrumentation agent.
extern int canonicalize(char *path, const char *out, int len);

Canonicalize(JNIEnv *unused, char *orig, char *out, int len)
/* canonicalize an already natived path */
return canonicalize(orig, out, len);

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