One small followup question - the test SourceLauncherTest is not covering any shebang cases - is that deliberate? I see that those seem to be covered in the launcher test too, but I wonder if we should have tests for clearly broken stuff, such as




Another small question - I see that the shebang process essentially replaces the first line separator with \n - that is probably ok given that the file is processed internally after that - but I wonder if you have thought about pros and cons of preserving the original line separator.


On 12/04/18 21:46, Maurizio Cimadamore wrote:
Looks great - some initial comments (I can't really comment on the launcher changes):

* This logic is efficient:

int magic = ( << 8) +;
boolean shebang = magic == (('#' << 8) + '!');

but convoluted to read; perhaps could be improved slightly by making '#' << 8) + '!' a static constant, and comparing against that.

* I note that the reading logic in general could be simplified, e.g. using Files.lines(Path) - but I assume that you wrote the code as is for performance reasons (e.g. to avoid creating too many string objects) ?

* I see that both the file manager and the class loader reasonably share the same context: a Map<String, byte[]>. I would make this more explicit, by having a Context class, whose state is the map, and then have the context provide two methods:


This way the sharing will be automatic, no need to extract one field from one place and pass it over to the other place.

* Big whohoo for being able to use the enhanced diagnostic framework with a couple of tweaks on the makefile - I hope that would have been the case when I put in the support, but since we have never done it - wasn't 100% sure it would work ;-)

Overall I like it quite a lot and I think you went for a really clean design - kudos!


On 12/04/18 21:15, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
Please review an initial implementation for the feature described in
JEP 330: Launch Single-File Source-Code Programs.

The work is described in the JEP and CSR, and falls into various parts:

  * The part to handle the new command-line options is in the native
    Java launcher code.
  * The part to invoke the compiler and subsequently execute the code
    found in the source file is in a new class in the jdk.compiler module.
  * There are some minor Makefile changes, to add support for a new
    resource file.

There are no changes to javac itself.


-- Jon

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