On 13/04/2018 15:14, Adam Farley8 wrote:
Hi Alan, Peter,

I see that native memory is tracked in java.nio.Bits, but that only includes what the user thinks they are allocating.

When the VM adds extra memory to the allocation amount this extra bit is not represented in the Bits total. A cursory glance shows, minimum, that we round the requested memory quantity up to the heap word size in the Unsafe.allocateMemory code, and something to do with nmt_header_size in os:malloc() (os.cpp) too.
Is the align_up(sz, HeapWordSize) really causing an issue?

We could change Bits to align with HotSpot. The BufferPoolMXBean API allows the capacity and memory usage to differ (when we originally added this, direct buffers were page aligned) so doing this would mean it more accurately reflects the memory allocated to direct buffers.


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