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This is trickier than I expected, since you have to manage saving/restoring around each call to readPassword AND have an exit hook to restore in case the user never gets around to responding to the prompt.

I see in the old code echo returns a boolean that you would think could be used to restore. You want to save/restore around each readPassword AND around the entire java program. It still seems right to restore after every readpassword, using the returned value from echo (which the suggested fix ignores!). But also, the very first time readPassword is called, you create an exit hook to restore the value known at that time. So you need echo0 as well ... or do you ... maybe you just need to keep track of a single state variable for you to do first-time setup.

Updated to use a local flag for each "echo-off" setting for readPassword(), so the echo will not be turned on after readpw if its initial status is off before readpw.

Still keep the global one & exit-hook for use scenario that someone ctrl-D to exit
or the vm gets -kill signal during passwd reading.

webrev has been updated accordingly (with the updates based on other comments).



+    return tio.c_lflag&  ECHO;
Pedantically, functions returning jboolean should return only JNI_TRUE and JNI_FALSE. I would do:
return (tio.c_lflag&  ECHO) != 0;
although there's the even more pedantic

return ((tio.c_lflag & ECHO) != 0) ? JNI_TRUE : JNI_FALSE;

typo: chosole

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