We just tried to push out the Java 17 April Update but it failed with some 
incompatible behavior. We found out it is caused due to a new mime-type (and a 
bug in Apache VFS) that JAR files could no longer be opened in an overlay 
(technically a JAR URL suddenly had a mime-type and therefore VFS no longer 
looked at the file extension).

Just wanted to give a heads up in case anybody else has that problem. The 
change 8273655 (a backport 828109) was not mentioned in the 17.0.3 release 
notes (it is also in 11.0.16) from Oracle and Azul - will it show up in the 
OpenJDK announcement?

This specific case is a changed behavior (even when it has rather unexpected 
negative consequences), it would be therefore good to be called out 



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