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>> This is the implementation of JEP 425: Virtual Threads (Preview); TBD which 
>> JDK version to target.
>> We will refresh this PR periodically to pick up changes and fixes from the 
>> loom repo.
>> Most of the new mechanisms in the HotSpot VM are disabled by default and 
>> require running with `--enable-preview` to enable.
>> The patch has support for x64 and aarch64 on the usual operating systems 
>> (Linux, macOS, and Windows). There are stubs (calling Unimplemented) for 
>> zero and some of the other ports. Additional ports can be contributed via 
>> PRs against the fibers branch in the loom repo.
>> There are changes in many areas. To reduce notifications/mails, the labels 
>> have been trimmed down for now to hotspot, serviceability and core-libs. 
>> We'll add the complete set of labels when the PR is further along.
>> The changes include a refresh of java.util.concurrent and ForkJoinPool from 
>> Doug Lea's CVS. These changes will probably be proposed and integrated in 
>> advance of this PR.
>> The changes include some non-exposed and low-level infrastructure to support 
>> the (in draft) JEPs for Structured Concurrency and Scope Locals. This is to 
>> make life a bit easier and avoid having to separate VM changes and juggle 
>> branches at this time.
> Alan Bateman has updated the pull request incrementally with one additional 
> commit since the last revision:
>   Refresh 7965cc6b168e567ac2596f2fbc3b00a7d99b7e1e

line 45:

> 43:  * threads is unbounded.
> 44:  */
> 45: class ThreadPerTaskExecutor implements ExecutorService {

This class manages the set of per-task threads which arguably should be the job 
of the thread container, and it awkwardly overrides the container's set of 
threads by setting a field on `SharedThreadContainer.threadsSupplier`.

`SharedThreadContainer` supports a number of different shared container 
policies that could be made clearer.

Architecturally i think this could be better layered but it can be iterated on 


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8166

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