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>> This is the implementation of JEP 425: Virtual Threads (Preview).
>> We will refresh this PR periodically to pick up changes and fixes from the 
>> loom repo.
>> Most of the new mechanisms in the HotSpot VM are disabled by default and 
>> require running with `--enable-preview` to enable.
>> The patch has support for x64 and aarch64 on the usual operating systems 
>> (Linux, macOS, and Windows). There are stubs (calling _Unimplemented_) for 
>> zero and some of the other ports. Additional ports can be contributed via 
>> PRs against the fibers branch in the loom repo.
>> There are changes in many areas. To reduce notifications/mails, the labels 
>> have been trimmed down for now to hotspot, serviceability and core-libs. We 
>> can add additional labels, if required, as the PR progresses.
>> The changes include a refresh of java.util.concurrent and ForkJoinPool from 
>> Doug Lea's CVS. These changes will probably be proposed and integrated in 
>> advance of this PR.
>> The changes include some non-exposed and low-level infrastructure to support 
>> the (in draft) JEPs for Structured Concurrency and Extent Locals. This is to 
>> make life a bit easier and avoid having to separate VM changes and juggle 
>> branches at this time.
> Alan Bateman has updated the pull request with a new target base due to a 
> merge or a rebase. The pull request now contains 19 commits:
>  - Refresh 12aa09ce7efd48425cc080d0b8761aca0f3e215f
>  - Merge with 1bb4de2e2868a539846ec48dd43fd623c2ba69a5
>  - Refresh d77f7a49af75bcc5b20686805ff82a93a20dde05
>  - Merge with 4b2c82200fdc01de868cf414e40a4d891e753f89
>  - Refresh 6091080db743ece5f1b2111fcc35a5f2179a403a
>  - Merge with cfcba1fccc8e3e6a68e1cb1826b70e076d5d83c4
>  - Refresh ee9fa8ed05ec22de7a13383052d68aa8aa7832ec
>  - Merge with jdk-19+20
>  - Refresh 7965cc6b168e567ac2596f2fbc3b00a7d99b7e1e
>  - Refresh 8d8f0a2fd646e57fe6b4e8ab669f836dc46dda69
>  - ... and 9 more: 
> https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/compare/1bb4de2e...86bea8ec

I am sorry to be a buzzkill here, but this integration would break lots of 
platforms even when Loom functionality is not enabled/used. For example, 
running `java -version` on RISC-V runs into many issues: 
`TemplateInterpreterGenerator::generate_Continuation_doYield_entry` runs into 
`Unimplemented()`, `UnsafeCopyMemory` asserts about UCM table size, 
`NativeDeoptInstruction::is_deopt` would run into `Unimplemented()` while being 
called from signal handler.

This effectively blocks development on those platforms, and it seems to be too 
much breakage for a preview feature. Are we really breaking these platforms? Do 
we have plans in place with maintainers of those platforms to fix all this in 
JDK 19 timeframe? I'd suggest holding off the integration until such a plan and 
agreement is in place.


Changes requested by shade (Reviewer).

PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8166

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