Checking whether the indexes of masked lanes are inside of the valid memory 
boundary is necessary for masked vector memory access. However, this could be 
saved if the given offset is inside of the vector range that could make sure no 
IOOBE (IndexOutOfBoundaryException) happens. The masked load APIs have saved 
this kind of check for common cases. And this patch did the similar 
optimization for the masked vector store.

The performance for the new added store masked benchmarks improves about `1.83x 
~ 2.62x` on a x86 system:

Benchmark                                   Before    After     Gain Units
StoreMaskedBenchmark.byteStoreArrayMask   12757.936 23291.118  1.826 ops/ms
StoreMaskedBenchmark.doubleStoreArrayMask  1520.932  3921.616  2.578 ops/ms
StoreMaskedBenchmark.floatStoreArrayMask   2713.031  7122.535  2.625 ops/ms
StoreMaskedBenchmark.intStoreArrayMask     4113.772  8220.206  1.998 ops/ms
StoreMaskedBenchmark.longStoreArrayMask    1993.986  4874.148  2.444 ops/ms
StoreMaskedBenchmark.shortStoreArrayMask   8543.593 17821.086  2.086 ops/ms

Similar performane gain can also be observed on ARM hardware.


Commit messages:
 - 8286279: [vectorapi] Only check index of masked lanes if offset is out of 
array boundary for masked store

  Stats: 213 lines in 8 files changed: 188 ins; 0 del; 25 mod
  Fetch: git fetch pull/8620/head:pull/8620


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