PR#8599 8244681: proposes to add compiler warnings for possible lossy 
>From the CSR:

"If the type of the right-hand operand of a compound assignment is not 
assignment compatible with the type of the variable, a cast is implied and 
possible lossy conversion may silently occur. While similar situations are 
resolved as compilation errors for primitive assignments, there are no similar 
rules defined for compound assignments."

This PR anticipates the warnings and adds explicit casts to replace the 
implicit casts.
In most cases, the cast matches the type of the right-hand side to type of the 
compound assignment.
Since these casts are truncating the value, there might be a different 
refactoring that avoids the cast
but a direct replacement was chosen here.

(Advise and suggestions will inform similar updates to other OpenJDK modules).


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 - 8286378: Address possibly lossy conversions in java.base

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