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> The Class::forName behavior change to match JNI FindClass is a compatible 
> change and seems pretty attractive as it would be expected that 
> Class::forName would give the same behavior as FindClass which uses the 
> system classloader.  The test for 8281006 was enhanced to test for this 
> change.  Merged master to pick up fixes to unrelated test failures to reduce 
> noise.

`Class::forName(String)` javadoc should specify which class loader to use when 
invoked with null caller similar to the other APIs you fixed for null callers.

I think this new test case does not belong to `NullCallerGetResource.java` 
which is a test for `Module::getResource`.    It's better to be placed under 
the `test/jdk/java/lang/Class/forName` directory that makes it clear it's a 
test for `Class::forName`. 

Alternatively, we could move all the tests for null caller under a new 
clearly-named directory, maybe `test/jdk/jdk/nullCaller`.    This may allow to 
do some refactoring and remove the duplicated code in these test cases.   What 
do you think?

src/java.base/share/classes/java/lang/Class.java line 385:

> 383:         ClassLoader loader = (caller == null) ?
> 384:                 ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader() :
> 385:                 ClassLoader.getClassLoader(caller);

Formatting nit:

   ClassLoader loader = (caller == null) ? ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader()
                                         : ClassLoader.getClassLoader(caller);

line 28:

> 26:  * @test
> 27:  * @bug 8281006
> 28:  * @bug 8281001


 * @bug 8281006 8281001

`@bug` can have one or more bug IDs


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8711

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