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>> Severin Gehwolf has updated the pull request incrementally with two 
>> additional commits since the last revision:
>>  - Refactor hotspot gtest
>>  - Separate into function. Fix comment.
> src/hotspot/os/linux/cgroupV1Subsystem_linux.cpp line 86:
>> 84:           const char* cgroup_p = cgroup_path;
>> 85:           int last_slash = find_last_slash_pos(root_p, cgroup_p);
>> 86:           assert(last_slash >= 0, "not an absolute path?");
> Are root_p and cgroup_p directly read from the /proc/xxx files. If so, do we 
> validate the input to make sure they are absolute paths?
> It seems like our code cannot handle trailing '/' in the input. If so, we 
> should clear all trailing '/' from the input string. Then, in functions that 
> process them, we should assert that they don't end with slash. See my comment 
> in find_last_slash_pos().

Yes, those values come from `/proc/self/mountinfo` and `/proc/self/cgroup`. 
There is no validation being done. Then again, we only end up in this branch if 
the root path is not a substring of the cgroup path. In that case trailing 
slashes don't matter, since there would not be a character by character match 

I'll add handling of trailing slashes and appropriate asserts where it makes 


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8629

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