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>> It was an attempt to facilitate in-lining of these APIs over targets which 
>> do not intrinsify them. I agree its not a generic fix since three APIs are 
>> piggybacking on same entry point and without the knowledge of opcode it will 
>> be inappropriate to take any call at this place, lazy intrinsification gives 
>> opportunity for some of the predications to concertize as compilation 
>> happens under closed world assumptions.
> Still not clear why the code is shaped the way it is.
> `Matcher::match_rule_supported_vector()` already checks that there are 
> relevant matching rules.
> The checks require both `CompressM` and `CompressV` to be present to enable 
> the intrinsic. Is it important?
> Also, it doesn't take `EnableVectorSupport` into account while all other 
> vector intrinsics respect it.

Yes, the code was modified to accommodate your comments. 


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8425

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