> This PR fixes a bug found on an Ubuntu host that's mostly running with 
> cgroupv2, but there's a controller (freezer) that is mounted in cgroupv1 mode.
> The container support code in the VM and JDK checks if we have simultaneously 
> mounted v1 and v2 containers. If so, we revert to "hybrid" mode (which is 
> essentially v1).
> However, the "hybrid checks" only considers the following controllers that 
> Java cares about:
> - cpu
> - cpuacct
> - cpuset
> - blkio
> - memory
> - pids
> If only "freezer" is mounted in v1 mode, Java will start in V2 mode. Later, 
> when `setCgroupV2Path()` sees the first line in /proc/self/cgroup, it runs 
> into the assert.
> $ cat /proc/self/cgroup
> 1:freezer:/
> 0::/user.slice/user-1001.slice/session-85.scope
> The fix is simple -- when we get to `setCgroupV2Path()`, we have already 
> decided that the system has not mounted any v1 controllers that we care 
> about, so we should just ignore all the v1 controllers (which has a non-empty 
> name).

Ioi Lam has updated the pull request incrementally with one additional commit 
since the last revision:

  fixed typo in comments


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