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>>> Need to add apiNote documentation section to capacity-based constructors 
>>> like for maps.
>> @liach done.
> @XenoAmess oops, sorry for the delay. I think it would be good to get these 
> into 19 as companions to `HashMap.newHashMap` et. al.
> As before, I'd suggest reducing the number of changes to use sites in order 
> to make review easier. I would suggest keeping the changes under src in 
> java.base, java.net.http, java.rmi, and jdk.zipfs, and omitting all the other 
> changes. Also keep the changes under test/jdk.
> There needs to be a test for these new methods. I haven't thought much how to 
> do that. My first attempt would be to modify our favorite WhiteBoxResizeTest 
> and add a bit of machinery that asserts the table length of the HashMap 
> contained within the created HashSet/LinkedHashSet. I haven't looked at it 
> though, so it might not work out, in which case you should pursue an 
> alternative approach.
> I'll look at the specs and suggest updates as necessary and then handle 
> filing of a CSR.

@stuart-marks @liach 
Hi guys.
After a good sleep and a rethink, I re-wrote some part of the test.
It seems be logically better than the way before.
please have a look.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8302

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