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> If `parameterList` is too slow for `List.of` copies the backing parameter 
> types array, wouldn't calling 
> `JavaUtilCollectionAccess::listFromTrustedArray` a better alternative, as it 
> only allocates one wrapper and has better performance on `subList` than 
> `Arrays.copyOfRange`?

Good observation that `MethodType::parameterList()` is a plausible candidate 
for `listFromTrustedArray`. That could be a good standalone and orthogonal RFE. 

I recall @rose00 musing about how he'd prefer it if `MethodType` and friends 
would have been implemented with `List.of`-style immutable lists rather than 
arrays. While I agree with him in principle we now have a mix of both worlds 
where we're converting between either representation haphazardly, making the 
implementation more complex in the process. It seems better for now to 
streamline the implementation with an early conversion to what we use 
internally (arrays) and stick with that.


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/jdk/pull/8923

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