Please review this cleanup change in the cgroup subsystem which used to use 
hard-coded stack allocated
buffers for concatenating strings in memory. We can use `stringStream` instead 
which doesn't have the issue
of hard-coding maximum lengths (and related checks) and makes the code, thus, 
easier to read.

While at it, I've written basic `gtests` verifying current behaviour (and the 
same for the JDK code). From
a functionality point of view this is a no-op (modulo the one bug in the 
substring case which seems to be
there since day one). I'd prefer if we could defer any change in functionality 
to a separate bug as this is
meant to only use stringStream throughout the cgroups code.

- [x] Container tests on Linux x86_64 cgroups v1 and cgroups v2
- [x] Added tests, which I've verified also pass before the stringStream change



Commit messages:
 - Add cgroups v2 java test
 - use stringStream in cgroups v2
 - Add gtest for cgroups v2 code path
 - 8287007: [cgroups] Consistently use stringStream throughout parsing code
 - 8287007: [cgroups] Consistently use stringStream throughout parsing code

  Stats: 270 lines in 5 files changed: 235 ins; 19 del; 16 mod
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