> To take optimal advantage of the pre-existing optimization for repeated 
> filters we could split the application of different types of stringifiers.
> The resulting difference in order of evaluation is not observable by 
> conventional means since all reference type share the same object 
> stringifier, and the others are filtering primitives (floats and doubles) 
> which have been passed by value already. 
> This change neutral on many concatenation expression shapes, but for any 
> complex expressions with interleaving float/double and reference parameters 
> it brings a straightforward reduction in rebinds and underlying LFs 
> generated. For example on the 
> [MixedStringCombinations.java](https://gist.github.com/cl4es/08fb581dece3a73e89bfa52337bc4248)
>  test there's a modest 2% reduction in total classes loaded with this change 
> (from 16209 to 15872)

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