Sorry in advance if these "challenges" are covered in a document somewhere.

I have setup hadoop on a centos 64 bit Linux box.  I have verified that it is 
up and running only through seeing the java processes running and that I can 
access it from the admin ui.

hadoop version is 1.7.0 but I also tried 1.6.4 for the following issue:

>From a mac osx box using java 1.5 I am trying to run the following:

String home = "hdfs://linuxbox:9000";
URI uri = new URI(home);
Configuration conf = new Configuration();
FileSystem fs = FileSystem.get(uri, conf);

The call to FileSystem.get throws an IOException stating that there is a login 
error with message "whoami".

When I single step through the code there is an attempt to figure out what user 
is running this process by creating a processbuilder with "whoami".  This fails 
with a "not found" error.  I believe this is because you have to have a fully 
qualified path for processbuilder on the mac???

I also verified that my hadoop-default.xml and hadoop-site.xml is infact found 
in the classpath.

All this is being attempted via a debug session in intellij ide.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong, I am sure its a configuration blunder on my 

Further, we used to use an old copy of nutch, of course now the hadoop part of 
nutch is its own jar file, so I upgraded the nutch jars too.  We were using a 
few things within the nutch project that seem to of gone away:

net.sf incarnation of the snowball stemmer (I fixed this by pulling directly 
the source from the author).
language identification....any idea where it went?
carrot2 clustering....any idea where that went?

Thanks in advance.


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