Hi All,

I'm playing around with v3 AUs -- in particular, midi-controlled
effects (aumf).  For now, I'm just modifying filterDemo.  Everything
seems ok:  it validates in auval just fine.  But when I try to open it
in AULab or Logic Pro X, it isn't seen.  That is, it shows up as an
effect ok, but when I try to insert it as an input on an instrument
track, it doesn't show up.

A few things I did to investigate:
- I downloaded JUCE and created an empty aumf effect.  It showed up OK in Logic.

- I took a vanilla filterDemo project and changed the type to aumf.
(I did not implement - (BOOL) isMusicDeviceOrEffect since the docs
mention it's implemented in the parent class).  It validates, but does
not show up Logic.

In trying to understand how AUv3 units are registered, and how hosts
discover them, I noticed that if I built the vanilla filterDemo
(subtype 'f1tR'), the modified AU (subtype 'f2tR') disappeared.
Thinking I had a namespace collision, I changed the AU subclassname in
the modified project.  It showed back up, but now, I can't get the
vanilla one to show up at all!

Could anyone point me to any documentation, or offer any insights, as
to how AUv3s are registered in os X?

fwiw, I'm using os x 10.13.4; logic pro x 10.4; x code 9.3

Thank you. Thank you,
Chris Deckard
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