I recently purchased one of these boards after seeing articles about coreboot 
support on various sites, based on the bios manual I downloaded it appeared to 
support IOMMU virtualization although in reality it doesn't actually work (xen 
spits back IOMMU not present).
I emailed biostar and they replied stating that AMD says that IOMMU is not actually 
supported in the AM1 platform (despite AMD previously telling me that it is in fact 
supported) then they sent me an "updated" (with a lower version number) BIOS 
update file that they say removes the IOMMU option from the bios (I fail to understand 
why anyone would bother flashing this)

I’m also curious if anyone knows happened to the AM1ML coreboot wiki page.
(Somebody replaced it with a single dot)
https://www.coreboot.org/Board:biostar/am1ml I have not tried flashing coreboot yet because this board runs my router so I don't desire to do a seat-of-my-pants install and then spend hours re-flashing and trying to figure out why it doesn't work.

Does anyone know of a low power and recent/useful/has pci-e actually coreboot 
compatible board that supports IOMMU virt if this one doesn't?

Dear Sir,

Thanks for using Biostar's product first of all!

Regarding to your question,
AM1ML initial BIOS (AKBCT304.BSS : 2014-03-04) is based on AMD initial official 
specification to build in IOMMU function. However,we found IOMMU problem and 
report to AMD,AMD reply this function does not support and ask to remove.

Here,we modify new attached BIOS (AKBCT301.BSS : 2016-03-01) to remove IOMMU  
function. Sorry for any inconvenience."

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