make clean, did help....thanks

now in the next stage, I got this error :
Include CPU microcode in CBFS
> 1. Generate from tree (CPU_MICROCODE_CBFS_GENERATE)
  2. Include external microcode header files
  3. Do not include microcode updates (CPU_MICROCODE_CBFS_NONE)
choice[1-3]: 1
Microcode binary path and filename (CPU_UCODE_BINARIES) []
* Northbridge
* Southbridge
* Super I/O
* Embedded Controllers
Vboot non-volatile storage in CMOS. (VBOOT_VBNV_CMOS) [N/y/?] n
Vboot non-volatile storage in EC. (VBOOT_VBNV_EC) [N/y/?] n
Verify firmware with vboot. (VBOOT) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
* Generic Drivers
AS3722 RTC support (DRIVERS_AS3722_RTC) [N/y] n
Realtek 8168 reset (REALTEK_8168_RESET) [N/y/?] n
Serial port on SuperIO (DRIVERS_UART_8250IO) [Y/n] y
Oxford OXPCIe952 (DRIVERS_UART_OXPCIE) [N/y/?] n
UART's PCI bus, device, function address (UART_PCI_ADDR) [0x0] 0x0
USB 2.0 EHCI debug dongle support (USBDEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
  Enable early (pre-RAM) usbdebug (USBDEBUG_IN_ROMSTAGE) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Type of dongle
  > 1. Net20DC or compatible (USBDEBUG_DONGLE_STD) (NEW)
  choice[1-4]: 1
I2C TPM (I2C_TPM) [Y] (NEW) y
I2C TPM Driver
> 1. Generic I2C TPM Driver (I2C_TPM_GENERIC) (NEW)
  2. CR50 I2C TPM Driver (I2C_TPM_CR50) (NEW)
choice[1-2]: 1
I2C TPM chip bus (DRIVER_TPM_I2C_BUS) [0x9] (NEW) 1
I2C TPM chip address (DRIVER_TPM_I2C_ADDR) [0x2] (NEW) 0x2
IRQ or GPE to use for TPM interrupt (DRIVER_TPM_I2C_IRQ) [-1] (NEW) 18
Generate I2C TPM ACPI device (DRIVER_I2C_TPM_ACPI) [N/y] n
Support Intel PCI-e WiFi adapters (DRIVERS_INTEL_WIFI) [Y/n/?] y
PS/2 keyboard init (DRIVERS_PS2_KEYBOARD) [N/y/?] n
Silicon Image SIL3114 (DRIVERS_SIL_3114) [N/y/?] n
TI TPS65913 support (DRIVERS_TI_TPS65913) [N/y] n
TI TPS65913 RTC support (DRIVERS_TI_TPS65913_RTC) [N/y] n
* Console
Squelch AP CPUs from early console. (SQUELCH_EARLY_SMP) [Y/n/?] y
Serial port console output (CONSOLE_SERIAL) [Y/n/?] y
  * I/O mapped, 8250-compatible
  Index for UART port to use for console (UART_FOR_CONSOLE) [0] 0
  * Serial port base address = 0x3f8
  Baud rate
    1. 921600 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_921600)
    2. 460800 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_460800)
    3. 230400 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_230400)
  > 4. 115200 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_115200)
    5. 57600 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_57600)
    6. 38400 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_38400)
    7. 19200 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_19200)
    8. 9600 (CONSOLE_SERIAL_9600)
  choice[1-8]: 4
spkmodem (console on speaker) console output (SPKMODEM) [N/y/?] n
USB dongle console output (CONSOLE_USB) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
Use onboard VGA as primary video device (ONBOARD_VGA_IS_PRIMARY) [N/y/?] n
Network console over NE2000 compatible Ethernet adapter (CONSOLE_NE2K)
[N/y/?] n
Send console output to a CBMEM buffer (CONSOLE_CBMEM) [Y/n/?] y
  Room allocated for console output in CBMEM (CONSOLE_CBMEM_BUFFER_SIZE)
[0x20000] 0x20000
Default console log level
choice[1-9]: 1
Don't show any POST codes (NO_POST) [N/y] n
  Store post codes in CMOS for debugging (CMOS_POST) [N/y/?] n
  Show POST codes on the debug console (CONSOLE_POST) [N/y/?] n
  Send POST codes to an external device (POST_DEVICE) [Y/n] y
    Device to send POST codes to
    > 1. None (POST_DEVICE_NONE)
    choice[1-3]: 1
  Send POST codes to an IO port (POST_IO) [Y/n/?] y
    IO port for POST codes (POST_IO_PORT) [0x80] 0x80
* Debugging
GDB debugging support (GDB_STUB) [Y/n/?] y
  Wait for a GDB connection (GDB_WAIT) [N/y/?] n
Halt when hitting a BUG() or assertion error (FATAL_ASSERTS) [N/y/?] n
Output verbose CBFS debug messages (DEBUG_CBFS) [Y/n/?] y
Output verbose RAM init debug messages (DEBUG_RAM_SETUP) [N/y/?] n
Check PIRQ table consistency (DEBUG_PIRQ) [Y/n/?] y
Output verbose SMI debug messages (DEBUG_SMI) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
Debug SMM relocation code (DEBUG_SMM_RELOCATION) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
Output verbose malloc debug messages (DEBUG_MALLOC) [Y/n/?] y
Output verbose ACPI debug messages (DEBUG_ACPI) [Y/n/?] y
Output verbose TPM debug messages (DEBUG_TPM) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
Output verbose USB 2.0 EHCI debug dongle messages (DEBUG_USBDEBUG) [N/y/?]
(NEW) y
Trace function calls (TRACE) [Y/n/?] y
Debug boot state machine (DEBUG_BOOT_STATE) [Y/n/?] y
* Restart config...
* Chipset
* SoC
Include CPU microcode in CBFS
> 1. Generate from tree (CPU_MICROCODE_CBFS_GENERATE)
  2. Include external microcode header files
  3. Do not include microcode updates (CPU_MICROCODE_CBFS_NONE)
choice[1-3]: 1
Microcode binary path and filename (CPU_UCODE_BINARIES) []
* Northbridge
* Southbridge
* Super I/O
* Embedded Controllers
Vboot non-volatile storage in CMOS. (VBOOT_VBNV_CMOS) [N/y/?] n
Vboot non-volatile storage in EC. (VBOOT_VBNV_EC) [N/y/?] n
Vboot starts verifying in bootblock (VBOOT_STARTS_IN_BOOTBLOCK) [N/y/?]
(NEW) y
Mock secdata for firmware verification (VBOOT_MOCK_SECDATA) [N/y/?] (NEW) y
Disable dev mode on recovery requests (VBOOT_DISABLE_DEV_ON_RECOVERY)
[N/y/?] (NEW) y
Vboot verification is built into a separate stage (SEPARATE_VERSTAGE) [N/y]
(NEW) y
  The separate verification stage returns to its caller
  The chipset provides the main() entry point for verstage
Vboot's work buffer is dynamically allocated. (VBOOT_DYNAMIC_WORK_BUFFER)
[N/y/?] (NEW) y
Video option ROM matters (= can skip display init) (VBOOT_OPROM_MATTERS)
[N/y/?] (NEW) y
Verify firmware with vboot. (VBOOT) [Y/n/?] y
# configuration written to /home/bianchi/coreboot/.config
    HOSTCC     util/sconfig/lex.yy.o
    HOSTCC     util/sconfig/sconfig.tab.o
    HOSTCC     util/sconfig/main.o
    HOSTCC     util/sconfig/sconfig (link)
    SCONFIG    mainboard/intel/i946gz/devicetree.cb
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/cli/nvramtool.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/cli/opts.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/cmos_lowlevel.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/cmos_ops.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/common.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/compute_ip_checksum.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/hexdump.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/input_file.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/layout.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/accessors/layout-common.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/accessors/layout-text.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/accessors/layout-bin.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/lbtable.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/reg_expr.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/cbfs.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/accessors/cmos-mem.o
    HOSTCC     nvramtool/nvramtool (link)
    OPTION     option_table.h
    CC         bootblock/mainboard/intel/i946gz/static.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/boot.o
    GEN        generated/bootblock.ld
    CP         bootblock/arch/x86/bootblock.ld
    HOSTCC     util/romcc/romcc (this may take a while)
    ROMCC      generated/bootblock.inc
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/bootblock_romcc.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/cpu_common.o
    GEN        build.h
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/id.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/memcpy.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/memset.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/mmap_boot.o
    CC         bootblock/arch/x86/walkcbfs.o
    CC         bootblock/commonlib/cbfs.o
    CC         bootblock/commonlib/lz4_wrapper.o
    CC         bootblock/commonlib/mem_pool.o
    CC         bootblock/commonlib/region.o
    CC         bootblock/console/die.o
    CC         bootblock/console/post.o
    CC         bootblock/cpu/x86/lapic/boot_cpu.o
    CC         bootblock/cpu/x86/mtrr/earlymtrr.o
    CC         bootblock/device/device_simple.o
    CC         bootblock/device/i2c.o
    CC         bootblock/drivers/uart/uart8250io.o
    CC         bootblock/drivers/uart/util.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/boot_device.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/bootmode.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmaptool.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/cbfs_sections.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmap_from_fmd.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmd.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmd_parser.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmd_scanner.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmap.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/kv_pair.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/valstr.o
    HOSTCC     cbfstool/fmaptool (link)
    FMAP       build/util/cbfstool/fmaptool -h build/fmap_config.h
build/fmap.fmd build/fmap.fmap
SUCCESS: Wrote 182 bytes to file 'build/fmap.fmap' (and generated header)
The sections containing CBFSes are: COREBOOT
    CC         bootblock/lib/cbfs.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/cbmem_console.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/delay.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/fmap.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/gcc.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/halt.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/hexdump.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/libgcc.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/memchr.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/memcmp.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/prog_loaders.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/prog_ops.o
    CC         bootblock/lib/version.o
    CC         bootblock/vboot/bootmode.o
    LINK       cbfs/fallback/bootblock.debug
    OBJCOPY    cbfs/fallback/bootblock.elf
    OBJCOPY    bootblock.raw.bin
    CC         romstage/mainboard/intel/i946gz/static.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/acpi_s3.o
    GEN        generated/assembly.inc
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/assembly_entry.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/boot.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/cbfs_and_run.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/cbmem.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/cpu_common.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/memcpy.o
    CP         romstage/arch/x86/memlayout.ld
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/memmove.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/memset.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/mmap_boot.o
    CC         romstage/arch/x86/postcar_loader.o
    CC         romstage/commonlib/cbfs.o
    CC         romstage/commonlib/lz4_wrapper.o
    CC         romstage/commonlib/mem_pool.o
    CC         romstage/commonlib/region.o
    CC         romstage/console/console.o
    CC         romstage/console/die.o
    CC         romstage/console/init.o
    CC         romstage/console/post.o
    CC         romstage/console/printk.o
    CC         romstage/console/vtxprintf.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/intel/car/romstage.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/intel/microcode/microcode.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/x86/car.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/x86/lapic/apic_timer.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/x86/lapic/boot_cpu.o
    CC         romstage/cpu/x86/mtrr/earlymtrr.o
    CC         romstage/device/device_simple.o
    CC         romstage/device/i2c.o
    CC         romstage/device/pci_early.o
    CC         romstage/drivers/pc80/rtc/mc146818rtc.o
    CC         romstage/drivers/pc80/rtc/mc146818rtc_early.o
    CC         romstage/drivers/uart/uart8250io.o
    CC         romstage/drivers/uart/util.o
    CC         romstage/lib/boot_device.o
    CC         romstage/lib/bootmode.o
    CC         romstage/lib/cbfs.o
    CC         romstage/lib/cbmem_common.o
    CC         romstage/lib/cbmem_console.o
    CC         romstage/lib/compute_ip_checksum.o
    CC         romstage/lib/delay.o
    CC         romstage/lib/fmap.o
    CC         romstage/lib/gcc.o
    CC         romstage/lib/halt.o
    CC         romstage/lib/hexdump.o
    CC         romstage/lib/imd.o
    CC         romstage/lib/imd_cbmem.o
    CC         romstage/lib/libgcc.o
    CC         romstage/lib/lzma.o
    CC         romstage/lib/lzmadecode.o
    CC         romstage/lib/memchr.o
    CC         romstage/lib/memcmp.o
    CC         romstage/lib/memrange.o
    CC         romstage/lib/prog_loaders.o
    CC         romstage/lib/prog_ops.o
    CP         romstage/lib/program.ld
    CC         romstage/lib/ramtest.o
    CC         romstage/lib/romstage_stack.o
    CC         romstage/lib/stack.o
    CC         romstage/lib/version.o
    CC         romstage/mainboard/intel/i946gz/romstage.o
    CC         romstage/northbridge/intel/i945/debug.o
    CC         romstage/northbridge/intel/i945/early_init.o
    CC         romstage/northbridge/intel/i945/errata.o
    CC         romstage/northbridge/intel/i945/ram_calc.o
    CC         romstage/northbridge/intel/i945/raminit.o
    CC         romstage/superio/ite/common/early_serial.o
    CC         romstage/superio/ite/it8718f/early_serial.o
    CC         romstage/vboot/bootmode.o
    LINK       cbfs/fallback/romstage.debug
/home/bianchi/coreboot/util/crossgcc/xgcc/bin/i386-elf-ld.bfd: Cache as RAM
area is too full
build/romstage/console/console.o: In function `__usb_tx_byte':
/home/bianchi/coreboot/src/include/console/usb.h:38: undefined reference to
/home/bianchi/coreboot/src/include/console/usb.h:38: undefined reference to
build/romstage/console/console.o: In function `__usb_tx_flush':
/home/bianchi/coreboot/src/include/console/usb.h:39: undefined reference to
src/arch/x86/Makefile.inc:264: recipe for target
'build/cbfs/fallback/romstage.debug' failed
make: *** [build/cbfs/fallback/romstage.debug] Error 1

How can I fix that ?
I can give you the complete code on i946gz if you want to reproduce in your
computer...I'm changing only romstage.c so far
I attached with this email...

 * This file is part of the coreboot project.
 * Copyright (C) 2007-2008 coresystems GmbH
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.

// __PRE_RAM__ means: use "unsigned" for device, not a struct.

#include <stdint.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <arch/io.h>
#include <device/pci_def.h>
#include <device/pnp_def.h>
#include <cpu/x86/lapic.h>
#include <lib.h>
#include <arch/acpi.h>
#include <cbmem.h>
#include <superio/ite/it8718f/it8718f.h>
#include <superio/ite/common/ite.h>

//#include <superio/ite/lpc47m15x/lpc47m15x.h>
//Found ITE IT8718F (id=0x8718, rev=0x1) at 0x2e
//#include <superio/smsc/lpc47m15x/lpc47m15x.h>
#include <pc80/mc146818rtc.h>
#include <console/console.h>
#include <cpu/x86/bist.h>
#include <cpu/intel/romstage.h>
#include <northbridge/intel/i945/i945.h>
#include <northbridge/intel/i945/raminit.h>
#include <southbridge/intel/i82801gx/i82801gx.h>
//Patch by bianchi 15 Oct 16 10:46AM
//#include <southbridge/intel/i82801gx/early_lpc.c>
//s#include <southbridge/intel/i82801gx/early_smbus.c>
//#include <southbridge/intel/i82801gx/lpc.c>
//Patch by bianchi 15 Oct 16 10:46AM

//#define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, LPC47M15X_SP1)
//#define PME_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, LPC47M15X_PME)

#define SERIAL_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, IT8718F_SP1)
#define GPIO_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, IT8718F_GPIO)

//#define PME_DEV PNP_DEV(0x2e, LPC47M15X_PME)

void setup_ich7_gpios(void)
	/* TODO: This is highly board specific and should be moved */
	//printk(BIOS_DEBUG, " GPIOS...");
	/* General Registers */
	//outl(0x3f3df7c1, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x00);	/* GPIO_USE_SEL */
	//outl(0xc6fcbfc3, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x04);	/* GP_IO_SEL */
	//outl(0xecfefdff, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x0c);	/* GP_LVL */
	/* Output Control Registers */
	//outl(0x00040000, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x18);	/* GPO_BLINK */
	/* Input Control Registers */
	//outl(0x0000a000, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x2c);	/* GPI_INV */
	//outl(0x000000ff, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x30);	/* GPIO_USE_SEL2 */
	//outl(0x000000bf, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x34);	/* GP_IO_SEL2 */
	//outl(0x000300fd, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x38);	/* GP_LVL */
       /*updated from intel tool for i946GZ*/
       /* TODO: This is highly board specific and should be moved */
	printk(BIOS_DEBUG, " GPIOS...");
	/* General Registers */
	outl(0x1f3ff7c3, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x00);	/* GPIO_USE_SEL */
	outl(0xe0e8ffc3, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x04);	/* GP_IO_SEL */
	outl(0xe27effc3, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x0c);	/* GP_LVL */
	/* Output Control Registers */
	outl(0x00040000, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x18);	/* GPO_BLINK */
	/* Input Control Registers */
	outl(0x00003900, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x2c);	/* GPI_INV */
	outl(0x000000ff, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x30);	/* GPIO_USE_SEL2 */
	outl(0x000000f0, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x34);	/* GP_IO_SEL2 */
	outl(0x000300f3, DEFAULT_GPIOBASE + 0x38);	/* GP_LVL */ 

static void ich7_enable_lpc(void)
	// Enable Serial IRQ
	pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0x64, 0xd0);
	// Set COM1/COM2 decode range
	pci_write_config16(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0x80, 0x0010);
	// Enable COM1
	pci_write_config16(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0x82, 0x140d);
	// Enable SuperIO Power Management Events
	pci_write_config32(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0x84, 0x007c0681);

static void rcba_config(void)
	/* Set up virtual channel 0 */
	//RCBA32(0x0014) = 0x80000001;
	//RCBA32(0x001c) = 0x03128010;

	/* Device 1f interrupt pin register */
	RCBA32(0x3100) = 0x00042210;
	/* Device 1d interrupt pin register */
	RCBA32(0x310c) = 0x00214321;

	/* dev irq route register */
	RCBA16(0x3140) = 0x0132;
	RCBA16(0x3142) = 0x0146;
	RCBA16(0x3144) = 0x0237;
	RCBA16(0x3146) = 0x3201;
	RCBA16(0x3148) = 0x0146;

	/* Enable IOAPIC */
	RCBA8(0x31ff) = 0x03;

	/* Disable unused devices */
	// RCBA32(0x3418) |= (1 << 0); // Required.
	// FIXME look me up!
	RCBA32(0x3418) = 0x003204e1;

	/* Enable PCIe Root Port Clock Gate */
	// RCBA32(0x341c) = 0x00000001;

static void early_ich7_init(void)
	uint8_t reg8;
	uint32_t reg32;

	// program secondary mlt XXX byte?
	pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1e, 0), 0x1b, 0x20);

	// reset rtc power status
	reg8 = pci_read_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0xa4);
	reg8 &= ~(1 << 2);
	pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0xa4, reg8);

	// usb transient disconnect
	reg8 = pci_read_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0xad);
	reg8 |= (3 << 0);
	pci_write_config8(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1f, 0), 0xad, reg8);

	reg32 = pci_read_config32(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1d, 7), 0xfc);
	reg32 |= (1 << 29) | (1 << 17);
	pci_write_config32(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1d, 7), 0xfc, reg32);

	reg32 = pci_read_config32(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1d, 7), 0xdc);
	reg32 |= (1 << 31) | (1 << 27);
	pci_write_config32(PCI_DEV(0, 0x1d, 7), 0xdc, reg32);

	RCBA32(0x0088) = 0x0011d000;
	RCBA16(0x01fc) = 0x060f;
	RCBA32(0x01f4) = 0x86000040;
	RCBA32(0x0214) = 0x10030549;
	RCBA32(0x0218) = 0x00020504;
	RCBA8(0x0220) = 0xc5;
	reg32 = RCBA32(0x3410);
	reg32 |= (1 << 6);
	RCBA32(0x3410) = reg32;
	reg32 = RCBA32(0x3430);
	reg32 &= ~(3 << 0);
	reg32 |= (1 << 0);
	RCBA32(0x3430) = reg32;
	RCBA32(0x3418) |= (1 << 0);
	RCBA16(0x0200) = 0x2008;
	RCBA8(0x2027) = 0x0d;
	RCBA16(0x3e08) |= (1 << 7);
	RCBA16(0x3e48) |= (1 << 7);
	RCBA32(0x3e0e) |= (1 << 7);
	RCBA32(0x3e4e) |= (1 << 7);

	// next step only on ich7m b0 and later:
	reg32 = RCBA32(0x2034);
	reg32 &= ~(0x0f << 16);
	reg32 |= (5 << 16);
	RCBA32(0x2034) = reg32;

void mainboard_romstage_entry(unsigned long bist)
	int s3resume = 0, boot_mode = 0;

	if (bist == 0)

	/* Enable SuperIO PM */
	//lpc47m15x_enable_serial(PME_DEV, 0x680);
	//lpc47m15x_enable_serial(SERIAL_DEV, CONFIG_TTYS0_BASE); /* 0x3f8 */
        ite_enable_serial(SERIAL_DEV, CONFIG_TTYS0_BASE);
        //it8716f_enable_dev(SERIAL_DEV, CONFIG_TTYS0_BASE); 
	/* Set up the console */

	/* Halt if there was a built in self test failure */

	if (MCHBAR16(SSKPD) == 0xCAFE) {
		printk(BIOS_DEBUG, "soft reset detected.\n");
		boot_mode = 1;

	/* Perform some early chipset initialization required
	 * before RAM initialization can work

	s3resume = southbridge_detect_s3_resume();

	/* Enable SPD ROMs and DDR-II DRAM */


	sdram_initialize(s3resume ? 2 : boot_mode, NULL);

	/* Perform some initialization that must run before stage2 */

	/* This should probably go away. Until now it is required
	 * and mainboard specific

	/* Chipset Errata! */

	/* Initialize the internal PCIe links before we go into stage2 */
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