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> Everyone..
> What's the process on diassembling i946GZ ? How can I do that from my
> original motherboard ? so I can see the init process of this northbridge ?
> How can I use SerialICE doing it ? I want to know the process downloading
> the code from the original motherboard, and run it on Qemu ? and capture
> the init process for northbridge ?
> Does anyone have the reference ?

There is a Intel D946GZIS already, so you picked a good target to start
with. How far along in the instructions have you gotten? Did you build and
flash a SerialICE ROM image for your board?

Here is the reference: https://www.serialice.com/Main_Page

In particular:
To build the D946GZIS ROM image: https://www.serialice.com/Installation
To use Qemu to run your BIOS image thru SerialICE:
coreboot mailing list: coreboot@coreboot.org

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