I'm trying to flash the latest Libreboot images on KGPE-D16. I'm using 2 6262HE CPU's and 56GB RAM (3*16GB + 4*2GB).

The 2GB RAM's are from Micron and they cause the system to go in the reboot loop even before graphics are initialized (there's nothing on the screen, I only get serial output).

But I don't care that much about those Microns, I only have 8GB from them. What matters to me more is the rest (3*16GB RAM). Those are 2 KVR16R11D4/16 and 1 KVR16R11D4/16HB. KVR16R11D4/16 are specifically recommended by https://www.coreboot.org/Board:asus/kgpe-d16. Even then, with those 2 KVR16R11D4/16 put in the RAM slots that work with vendor BIOS just fine (the latest 3309 version), the system using Coreboot / Libreboot reboots randomly, usually during booting the OS (I use FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE). There's nothing on the serial console and seems to just reboot randomly.

The system uses pure Libreboot config with added nvramcui and memtest payloads and SeaBIOS as a primary payload. Since I use 16MB chip, I compiled my own image for it.

Any ideas about this? I spent yesterday about 8hrs trying to make it work and am currently out of ideas.

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