Hi all,

I am planning to do a cleanup of AMD Fam10-15 codebase,
(i.e., not AGESA).  I have currently completed a first attempt
at removing most of the ".c" includes in romstage.

It currently builds on one board only, KFSN4-DRE, and only works on
DDR2, (DDR3 is WIP).

I would really appreciate someone to take a look at the headers
and comment so I can get a picture of how strict coreboot would like
to be in terms of the header layout.  As in, I don't want to touch
24 boards until I have an idea of how it should be laid out.

Obviously this is going to be a massive cleanup and will need testing on
hardware, I was hoping to use REACTS as a first step once I get things

Any suggestions welcome before I begin to address Kyosti's comments in a
new push.


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