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PS> PS: Rantmode: Why the hell don't they just solder a socket? It's not
PS> that unrealistic that someone bricks the BIOS while updating the
PS> firmware from time to time. Being able to replace the ROM with a fresh
PS> one is a huge plus.

A socket would add some cost; not just of the part itself but
also cost of the assembly process since flash chip could not be soldered
together with the rest of the components now, and possibly other
logistical issues (e.g. they would have to order DIP chips
specifically for this model instead of SMD parts like for everything
It would also increase the height of the board, and you know how
everyone is obsessed with thin laptops nowadays. 

Just because it would be convenient for maybe ten people in the world
doesn't make it an incentive for the manufacturers. 

Besides, 99.9% users are not expected to ever open their device, let alone mess
with the chips. If they get a brick (which is a pretty rare thing
nowadays AFAIK), they send it off for repairs.

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