On 06.08.2017 05:18, Zheng Bao wrote:
At which stage do you want to enables these ports? in the OS? or during
boot? if the latter, which payload do you use?

Zheng: I want to enable these display port during boot. The payload is SeaBIOS.

You have to set your VGA BIOS to a VESA mode AFAIK. In text mode,
only one display can be enabled. Though, I don't know how to do that
with SeaBIOS. There might be a compile time option?

There are also many options inside Intel's VGA BIOS in a structure
called Video BIOS Table (VBT). IIRC, you can set it to start in VESA
mode with multiple displays there.

There's also an open-source solution for Intel gfx bringup, libgfxinit.
Alas, it's not ready to use on Broadwell (it works generally just some
steps are missing to make it work with coreboot).


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