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> I am considering creating a DIY laptop that can fit an ATX board with 
> a 35W CPU - such as KCMA-D8 with a EE series opteron.
> Has anyone here done this before? are there some potential gotchas I 
> haven't thought of? making a custom "1U" case with a screen and 
> keyboard doesn't seem that difficult in theory - I would use a minibox 
> ATX plug PSU for power with the round laptop style ac adapter plug for 
> it.
> Potential Issues:
> Battery (are there any off the shelf models? probably sold as an 
> integrated ups or w/e) I suppose I can live without one as I am hardly 
> ever away from an outlet.
> Graphics (riser + fan shroud to help remove hot air? the integrated 
> graphics are terrible on these boards)
> Keyboard (for the "beta" I would machine a custom case for a usb 
> laptop style keyboard)
> Lack of a dock connection (but this could be fixed via external PCI-e 
> and an enclosure such as the ones from Cyclone Systems - or a PCI-e to 
> expresscard card.)
> Am I nuts for wanting to do this? it seems like the only way to get 
> mobile freedom/performance. If I do it would anyone be interested in 
> buying one with a modest markup?

There are some industrial atx or microatx + screen cases afaik,
  this for example http://rackmountmart.com/html/ppc1006.html

and many slim cases that can be used for that already (screens not 
included) from silverstone and others, for Console-like PCs. And 
portable screens apparently are a thing on Amazon.

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