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How can the end-user documentation be improved?

Hey. Great that you're interested in this special task.

For me as a non-contributing user much trouble occurs when trying to build anything beside SeaBIOS (Grub and FILO especially). Maybe a little tutorial about building these payloads would be cool. Especially the FILO docu is a bit thin. How do you configure it? What would be the main advantages over GRUB? etc.

What advantages are you looking for in a system that has open source (including init) firmware? (Me - freedom, repair-ability and semi-obscure features like IOMMU that actually work and can be easily fixed if they don't)

Personally I'm a great fan of technological efficiency in all my devices. I hate unnecessary crap laying around. When learning about x86 I always hated the fact that there's so much useless old stuff, that there's a BIOS and therefore some kind of second OS on a system while you actually only need one. That's why I like coreboot: Start the main board, give control to the OS and then be a nice firmware and go back to your flash-rom ;) I'm not as concerned about security and freedom as most of the other people probably. Unnecessary madness like the Intel Management Engine creeps me out a little bit, though.


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