The ASUS KGPE-D16 fails verification for branch master as of commit 

The following tests failed:

Commits since last successful test:
c3cbe94 nb/intel/x4x/gma.c: Probe VGA EDID on DVI-I ports
ccdef19 driver/intel/gma: Allow use of GFX_GMA_ANALOG_I2C_HDMI_x in C NGI
0f6187a ec/google: update ec_commands.h
b4411d3 mb/google/poppy: Update PL2 settings
6dc3492 util/cbmem, util/cbfstool: resolve macro errors on FreeBSD

<4 commits skipped>

b58366a soc/intel/cannonlake: Add missing _PCH_DEV definitions
285f9f2 payloads/external/tianocore: Add and apply patches for tianocore
6c9c196 copy & update test routines from what-jenkins-does
e624e27 Make: Move testing into a subdirectory
fea9216 Documentation: Add binary extraction documentation

See attached log for details

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