Dear Taiidan,

I have get KGPE-D16 motherboard from auction website but I find that AMD 6328 
CPU is too expensive ($499 USD).  As well as 6386SE CPU is more expensive than 
6328 CPU so please give me a favor. Please list some cheaper AMD CPUs name that 
can be built successfully  when I use KGPE-D16 motherboard to install coreboot. 
I know my English is very poor, You can ask me more detail if you can not 
understand this mail fully.

> I will purchase USB CH341A along of purchase KGP-D16, thank for your 
> suggestion
>Feel free to ask any questions you have :D
>I suggest that you purchase a 6386SE (16 cores, good for compiling) or
>6328 (8 cores, better for games) CPU
>6328 average $80-120 USD
>6386SE average $150-250 USD

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