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> Am Donnerstag, den 01.03.2018, 14:11 -0800 schrieb Julius Werner:
> > Hi Patrick et. al.,
> >
> > Continuing from what you said on IRC, let's please discuss this
> > before you spend time to work on any major changes to the ARMv8 MMU
> > code. I don't think that should be necessary (especially changing the
> > GRANULE_SIZE which is a complication I'd really like to avoid
> > having), and I'd like to understand what you're trying to do first.
> > Can you explain what memory ranges you need to map on your SoC and
> > why they need to be so large?
> >
> Hi Julius,
> the Cavium SoC expose the MMIO space at 1 << 47 with a size of 1 << 47.
> As coreboot does use PA=VA mapping, I have to extend the VA space to 48
> bit and that seems to work fine with 64KB granule.
> The change in coreboot is minimal, I'm not sure if all armv8 CPUs
> support's that granule, but a Kconfig should do for now.

Yes, the architecture reference manual for ARMv8 mentions that 4KB, 16KB,
and 64KB are supported for VMSAv8-64.
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