They are for the silly ASUS PIKE slot at the end of the board - this seems to be a good deal for a LSI SAS 2008 chipset and probably avoids the counterfeits that plague the used market as this is an obscure part.

LSI SAS 2008 Features:
IT Mode.
SR-IOV with ARI (if coreboot ever supports it) 16 VF functions.
FLR (function level reset) for pain free IOMMU VM assignment
Works without Option ROM loading

I thought the SAS 2308 was the first with SR-IOV but this one apparently has it too according to LSPCI, I have never used SR-IOV with a HBA/RAID card but the idea seems to be that you can assign RAID arrays or individual drives to a VF then assign the VF to a VM.

You screw in one end of the massive heatsink via the motherboard screw in that location and the other end clips on to the PCI-e slot (make sure it properly clips and is properly seated, I had a difficult time with this and had to remove and re-attach one of the clip screws to get it to seat)

I advise re-flashing this in a VM on a PC without option ROM support, as all the sellers are chinese. Offical firmware (hard to find this link)

Unfortunately they have proprietary firmware like all SAS cards but at least as they are used you aren't supporting further non-free development.

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