I currently have a board that uses Intel Xeon D (previously codenamed Broadwell 
DE).  It boots up with BIOS/UEFI. I 'm exploring other oot-up options here.

I'm not familiar with this early stage of system initialization.  It seems 
BIOS/UEFI to Linux needs to use PXE, with the need to configure DHCP (and 
possibly Proxy DHCP), TFTP server PXELINUX, Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) 
configuration file, and then Linux.  Previously, I'd been using Coreboot/UBOOT 
environment (as a user, not developer).  Prerequisite seemed much simpler.

A few questions -

  1.  Is there even a coreboot support for this CPU already available and 
stable that I could download and reflash?  Or are we talking about some serious 
  2.  Is it possible to go from BIOS/UEFI to UBOOT (on-board)?  How?
  3.  Support for Secure Boot - would one approach be simpler than another?
  4.  Am I even on the right track thinking this way?

Please let me know if this has already been discussed to the death here (or 
elsewhere), and would appreciate a link/reference.


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