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> I currently have a board that uses Intel Xeon D (previously codenamed 
> Broadwell DE).  It boots up with BIOS/UEFI. I 'm exploring other oot-up 
> options here.
> I'm not familiar with this early stage of system initialization.  It seems 
> BIOS/UEFI to Linux needs to use PXE, with the need to configure DHCP (and 
> possibly Proxy DHCP), TFTP server PXELINUX, Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) 
> configuration file, and then Linux.  Previously, I'd been using 
> Coreboot/UBOOT environment (as a user, not developer).  Prerequisite seemed 
> much simpler.
> A few questions -
> Is there even a coreboot support for this CPU already available and stable 
> that I could download and reflash?  Or are we talking about some serious 
> re-development?
> Is it possible to go from BIOS/UEFI to UBOOT (on-board)?  How?

Yes, this is supported in mainline U-Boot. It builds U-Boot as a
payload for UEFI to load.

Overview here:


Full details here:


It is also possible to boot EFI applications (e.g. grub) on U-Boot:


> Support for Secure Boot - would one approach be simpler than another?

U-Boot has a secure boot implementation.

> Am I even on the right track thinking this way?
> Please let me know if this has already been discussed to the death here (or 
> elsewhere), and would appreciate a link/reference.
> Thanks,
> Raymond


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