Mike Banon:
> If you know, please tell the AGESA versions of fam15h/fam16h AMD
> vendorcode. For fam14h it is v1.103 - so no questions - but for fam15h
> and fam16h it says v0.001: #define AGESA_VERSION_STRING  {'V', '0',
> '.', '0', '.', '0', '.', '1', ' ', ' ', ' ', ' '}

>From hacking on the code itself, it seems f16kb is a newer fork of AGESA
than f15tn, which is newer than f14. For example, a couple failures to
initialize a variable in f14 were already addressed in f15 and f16, and
the MMIO allocation seems a bit more fleshed out in f16 than f15.

> Also, I wonder if there's an AGESA changelog somewhere, to learn if
> any security vulnerabilities or bugs have been fixed since AMD has
> shared some AGESA revision with coreboot. If these problems are
> serious enough, I could try to ask AMD to share the latest AGESA code
> available for these platforms.

There are AGESA release notes for the PI blobs, such as
3rdparty/blobs/pi/amd/00730F01/FT3b/AGESA_Release_Notes.txt. Not finding
an equivalent under vendorcode (or generic internet searches)...

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