Back in 2017 there was some brief discussion of how to compile coreboot for 
apollolake, with some uncertainty about the IFWI segment.  Does anyone know the 
current status of coreboot support for apollolake/geminilake?  In particular, 
to replace a Chromebook boot rom?

The coreboot configuration options are confusing in the sense that the intended 
outcome of particular settings is not explained.  For instance, there is 
coreboot code compiled addressing the Intel FSP, but there are no FSP files 
generated in the resulting coreboot.rom.

Working from a Chromebook bios upgrade image, it seems that many components 
might simply be copied from there, but then, there seems to be no tool to 
extract the complete IFWI segment from an existing bios image, except in pieces 
that would require reassembly.  Is there some way that an existing IFWI segment 
can be extracted and used in another compiled coreboot image?  Or, is there 
"security" code in the IFWI segment that will prevent a compatible working 
coreboot rom built in this way?

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