2019-08-01 03:24:29 -0600, Assaf Gordon:
> > > I like this, and think it's useful functionality.
> > > It's equivalent to -f in date(1) on FreeBSD,
> > > so we should probably support that short option
> > [...]
> > 
> > Note that busybox date has -D for that.
> In gnu date(1), -f is already assigned to "--file" (batch processing).
> I added the "-D" short option.

Sorry, I forgot to mention ast-open's -p/--parse (already there
in 2004) which predates busybox' -D (2006):

  -p, --parse=format
                  Add format to the list of strptime(3) parse conversion
                  formats. format follows the same conventions as the --format
                  option, with the addition of these format fields:
                    |     If the format failed before this point then restart
                          the parse with the remaining format.
                    &     Call the tmdate(3) heuristic parser. This is is the
                          default when --parse is omitted.


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